The Trust About Cosmetic Dentistry

In our line of work, it’s common for us girls to go see our local cosmetic dentist for a whitening, having old childhood metal fillings replaced to white or getting a new set of porcelain veneers. Nearly all dentists perform some kind of cosmetic dentistry, however, it really is something that requires years of experience as it’s a combination of modern technologies with up to date techniques. Not all dentists can pull this off, and in a short amount of time.

What Could Go Wrong?

In the wrong hands there is so much that could go wrong as you get older. Look, I’m not bagging out anyone here, just the dentists that never moved with the times and upgraded their skills with technology updates. Dentistry has come a long way, especially cosmetic dentistry, but some do cut corners and I’m going to list what you should be getting from your dentist.

  • Not being offered a retainer after braces
  • Not being told about the consequences of polishing for veneers
  • Not having to right permanent veneers
  • Not being told about the lifespan of “permanent” veneers

All in all, veneers are not a wise good option for cosmetic dentistry. This refers to dentists that offer “same day smiles” and churn through low quality veneers and high patient numbers, often people that don’t actually need them.

What potentially goes wrong with poorly fitted veneers is they crack between 6 – 10 years and need to be replaced. Each time you replace them you’re drilling down into your natural teeth further. If you’re getting veneers in your 30’s then by your 50’s you’ll be wearing dentures.

One article which is the confessions of a former cosmetic dentist reveals the following quote. “Cosmetic dentists are in a high liability position if they don’t show people the graphic pictures of what will be done to their teeth, the long-term costs, and the risks of shortcuts” which then continues to say “The new age of conservative cosmetic dentistry will be much different, and the cosmetic dentist who says “I just do a ton of veneers” will be considered a Veneer Nazi”

How do I find the right Cosmetic Dentist?

You’re going to need to do some research in your local area, but I found someone amazing using a simple process that I’ll share with you all now.

  1. Go to Google
  2. Put in “cosmetic dentist” and your local suburb or city
    1. Example: Cosmetic Dentist Parramatta
  3. Ignore the Ads! People that pay to be there generally are the “veneer nazi’s” that article was peaking about
  4. Go down to the map listings and look at the reviews
  5. Find some dentists that have good reviews and make a day of visiting each place
  6. Speak to the dentists and reception

I chose a cosmetic dentist that not only had good reviews but friendly staff members and Dentists. I also judged the clinics they were operating out of, a good dentist will be very fussy about their working environment.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmless?

Generally, yes. I would still go to someone that is qualified and not one of those “teeth whitening booths” with the generic blue lights. It is a simple procedure, however, getting it done correctly by a professional is the way to go.

Dr Elie Alam is my teeth whitening guy and is located in Parramatta, for those that can’t be bothered doing the research. If you can recommend any other dentists, please feel free to leave a comment below for others to see.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this information helpful.

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  1. It’s often true that veneers cause teeth to die because of the constant drilling involved. We see lots of people coming in early to have their dentures fitted. Get the right person to do it and I’m familiar with the dentist you recommended and approve. of your recommendation. Thanks for the shared info Danielle 🙂

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