The Trust About Cosmetic Dentistry

In our line of work, it’s common for us girls to go see our local cosmetic dentist for a whitening, having old childhood metal fillings replaced to white or getting a new set of porcelain veneers. Nearly all dentists perform some kind of cosmetic dentistry, however, it really is something that requires years of experience […]

horse racing fashion

Horse Racing Fashion for Sydney Siders

Have you ever wanted to show up to the races in style, standing out from all the other hats n heels? Today is your lucky day, because I’m thinking of you before Spring Carnival starts up to give you time to shop for your ultimate outfit. In this article I’ll go over some secrets for […]


Renovate Your Bathroom With Style

Renovating your bathroom, or any room, can either be a daunting task or fun task. The key to making it a fun task is organisation and having all the materials you require. If you’ve ever watched The Block on Channel 9 you’ll know that organisation and sleep is key to renovating anything in your home. […]


Guest Post: LV of Food Fashion and Flow

LV from the food and style blog, Food Fashion and Flow is the Black Martha Stewart—only WAY more stylish. Not only is she one of my favorite bloggers, she is also one my favorite people. Go see her, say “HI”, follow her blog and be amazed at the resource her blog is for all your […]

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An Evening At The Symphony

The other night I had occassion to enjoy one of the most pleasurable events of my life. I can assure it ranks top-ten, hand in glove. I went to a performance at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater in Medford, Oregon. The Rogue Valley Symphony conducted by Martin Majkut was featuring one of the world’s most […]